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Initial Teacher Training 2016-17.

Initial Teacher Training 2016-17

Dear applicant

We are delighted that you wish to be a teacher. Teaching is a wonderful career where you can make a significant difference to the lives of all children. The University of Northampton works in Partnership with a range of schools to provide with interactive and personalised training to enable you to become a high quality teacher of children aged 3-7 or 5-11 (Primary) or 11-16 (Secondary).

All trainees will be working towards gaining a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) which is 60 credits at Masters’ Level. In addition, you will be assessed against the Teacher’s Standards in order for you to be recommended for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

The first step is to ensure you have the entry requirements for your chosen age range. Please look at these two sites for details.

School Direct Route

University Based Route

(Please note this is for 3-7 not 3-11)

Applying for University Based route 2016 (opens Oct 27th 2015);

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Applying for School Direct with the University of Northampton

1) The Lead School works in Alliance with a number of schools to provide the training. If you go to the website of each of the schools you will find a list of their alliance schools.

This link provides the list of all the Lead Schools for 2016-17.

2) Use this link to go to the website to look up the details for each of these Lead Schools.;

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3) Press Search and it will provide tails about their places.

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4) Applying for a place at the chosen Lead School.

Once you have decided where to apply, go to this site (This is present link)

When you have read about Apply 1 and feel ready to submit your application go to.

We wish you all the best – If you have any questions, please get in touch with Admissions –


Information Taken from the University of Northampton.