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Course Feedback

DSL Refresher - Tuesday 21st November 2017


  • Very detailed presentation, perfectly delivered, many thanks.
  • I enjoyed comparing experiences with trainers, they were very helpful.
  • Latest updates on current information, extremely useful refresher.

DSL for staff new to role - Tuesday 7th November 2017


  • I found it very useful to have experienced and extremely knowledgeable trainers who were able to share their own experiences.
  • The level of detail in the course was excellent, I left feeling much more prepared in the role of DSL.
  • I particularly enjoyed the examples and real life experiences.

Whole School ADHD training at Northgate School Arts College - 30th October 2017


  • Theresa was very passionate about what she was speaking about and gave us lots of useful advice and tips.  I discovered new ways to help children with ADHD.
  • Trainer was outstanding, kept me very zoned in! 
  • Loved the depth of Theresa's knowledge and examples she gave.  Nice to know that we were being trained by someone who has been there and done it!
  • The course gave me a deeper understanding of behaviours exhibited by pupils with ADHD.

Team Teach - 11th October 2017


  • The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and answered all questions honestly.
  • Gave great advice on de escalating situations before having to use caring c's.
  • Hands on course led by an experienced trainer, really enjoyed.

Ofsted Workshop - 28th September 2017


  • Lynda was very approachable and built a positive rapport with ease.
  • Loved the personal touch and detail.
  • Lynda was very knowledgeable with a great 'common sense' approach - Excellent!
  • Trainer delivered a bespoke experience, extremely usefull

Safer Recruitment - 27th September 2017


  • Jill had in depth knowledge and experience, a very usefull course.
  • Opportunities to look at case studies and discuss possible implications.
  • Good discussions sharing real life situations and examples, the course was funand delivered by a friendly, experienced trainer.  Many thanks.

DSL Refresher - 26th September 2017


  • Excellent overview of all aspects of Safeguarding
  • Knowledgeable trainers who are undertaking this work everyday.  Gave sound practical advice.
  • Always great to have knowledge refreshed.  Videos and examples were powerful and worked well.
  • Best Safeguarding Refresher course I have attended in over 10 years, thank you

Safeguarding for Governors - 21st September 2017


  • Very well presented and clearly explained the importance of up to date record keeping
  • Clarified my role as a governor
  • Well focused and to the point, the trainers answered all questions raised
  • The course was excellent it was great to have two trainers who know their topic so well.

    They made it interesting and very informative, the time flew by.

Prevent Awareness - 20th September 2017


  • Friendly and experienced trainer gave lots of very usefull information.
  • Kept the course relevant, I feel confident in what I have learnt
  • Many thanks for an extremely beneficial course

DSL for Staff New to Role - 19th September 2017


  • Very professional delivery and tailored parts to meet my needs
  • A lot of information covered with usefull strategies to help improve school systems
  • I found this very beneficial, the course was exactly what I needed!
  • All questions were answered with knowledge and confidence.

Team Teach - 7th July 2017


  • The tutors had excellent knowledge and were able to give examples when explaining, this was very usefull.
  • The demonstrations of different restraints were clearly shown
  • Personality of the trainers, their knowledge and the fact that they could related situations to real life made this course extremely valuable
  • A perfect combination of practical and theory.  Trainers checked individual needs were met.

DSL Refresher Course - 6th July 2017


  • The course was current with all recent updates, trainer was very experienced.
  • Really enjoyed this course, was easy to listen to and trainer delivered all information in a friendly manner
  • Very well presented, easy to follow, clearly explained, I thoroughly enjoyed, Thank you!
  • Trainer was able to clear up information that I was previously unsure about.

ADHD Awareness - 21st June 2017


  • Barry provided lots of advice ideas to help children with ADHD in my class and school
  • Usefull tips to take back to my setting, Barry is extremely knowledgeable
  • Helpfull discussion on medication pros and cons
  • Barry is very passionate and knowledgeable about ADHD, answered all questions with confidence and was approachable

Technology in the Classroom - 1st February 2017


  • Great to see new apps to use in the classroom, demonstrated and explained clearly
  • Tailored approach suited all participants, looking forward to the next session!
  • The trainers were friendly and knowledgable

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