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Amanda Harrison

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Specialism: Primary Science, SEN and Curriculum
As an Assistant Head Teacher and Team Leader my main drive and commitment is to improve the quality of the curriculum, raise teaching and pupil standards and promote pupil enjoyment.
For me it is all about seeing the pupil as a whole- joining up the entire picture and getting the provision right so that the child is available for learning. I strongly value working in close partnership with parents and support services.

I am an outwardly thinking person and view situations from a variety of perspectives and ask pertinent questions. I am an analytical, reflective and creative thinker, able to think outside the box. I value and respect those I work with, building trustworthy relationships. I recognise that I don’t know everything and my way of doing things is not always the only way.



Amanda Harrison


Kingsley Academy
Job title and current role:

Assistant Head Teacher- with lead for Learning and Teaching

I am a member of the senior leadership team, assistant head teacher and the lead for teaching and learning. I am at present developing the role of the subject co-ordinator and on a day to day basis manage cover across the school. 

I also enjoy being a team leader for the uppers department. My role is multi-layered as a team leader I am responsible for developing a team of 4 teachers ,16 LSAs, 1 ITT student and 2 students LSAs- who teach four classes of pupils with a range of behavioural, physical and emotional presentations. 

I am currently looking for systems and inspirational ways to enhance our Performance management for Teachers and professional development for LSAs, so that it is joined up into everyday practice.
I recently enrolled on the NPQSL to further my own learning and have enjoyed participating in the Outstanding Teacher programme and Leading from the Middle.

Background and previous experience
I have now been teaching for over twenty years- both in mainstream and SEN provision. During my time at Ash Field Academy, Leicester, I taught across EYFS to KS5- encompassing a range of SEND. I was curriculum lead for both science and maths where I worked alongside my colleagues to develop outstanding and innovative practice. My main drive as Curriculum Leader was to raising teaching and pupil standards, improve the quality of provision, promote pupil enjoyment and increase the profile of my subject in the school.

During my time at Ash Field I enjoyed running professional learning groups, my style of leadership being not to lead from the front with everyone following but to build capacity so that the team was able to develop mutual respect, effective communication, confidence and ideas which enabled them to be responsible and driven in their own learning. One focus of these groups was AFL – there was a positive impact on how annotation and AFL was developed by other staff as the PLG team took their learning and transferred it to the other teams they encountered, a ripple in the pond.


What I hope to offer through school to school support
My experience has developed across a range of settings, SEND and age groups. I have worked as a class teacher, middle leader, coach and mentor, team and curriculum leader and senior leader. My SLE designations are Primary science, SEN and Curriculum Leadership although I am happy to take on any challenge and feel I have the right skills to do so.